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Oostro.Pack nv is since 1992 a supplier in packaging products towards the Alimentary Industry, supermarket chains and salers of packaging in Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and the Northern of France. The accent in the offered range lays especially in vacuumbags, vacuumfilms, cookinbags and shrinkbags. Together with these basic products, we offer products that are often used in combination with this vacuumpackaging, such as absorption material, boneguard, clips and clipping machines, steakpaper, elastic netting, etc.


By a thorough stock management, almost all offered products can be delivered from stock within 24 hours. In agreement with the customer, we guarantee, also for non standard products, this shortest possible delivery time, by means of having guaranteed bufferstocks. Together with our partners in the transport business, we look to it that the complete procedure between price offer, order and eventually the correct offering of the demanded goods, goes smoothly. This severe stock management, together with the traceability and the guarantee of food approval makes part of the procedures in our certificate ISO-9001 : 2008.


Oostro.Pack nv guarantees that all delivered goods are food approved and reply to the related Belgian, European and H.A.C.C.P regulations. This is confirmed on all related invoices and the food certificates delivered per group of products. We also guarantee complete traceability for all our products through the production number, mentioned on the packaging. This same production number is mentioned in the product description on the related delivery note and invoice. The traceability is complete and assured for the origin of all raw materials, used by suppliers for the production of the goods delivered by Oostro.Pack. Also in the ISO certificate ISO-9001 : 2008 this traceability is implemented.